Mathew Bajoras

“A million people can call the mountains a fiction, yet it need not trouble you as you stand atop them.” xkcd #154, Randall Munroe

About Me

Molly and Me taking a selfie in front of a cloudy sunset.

This is the personal website of Mathew Bajoras. I was born in a rural town in Pennsylvania and spent most of my childhood growing up in the bigger town of Erie, PA. Graduating from the Pennsylvania State University in 2012 with a B.S. in Software Engineering, I began my career as a full-time software developer. I am still a full-time software developer and now reside in the state of Connecticut.

Aside from computers, I enjoy a wide range of activities such as:

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is by email. I’ll try to respond to you within a day or so.